Commoncase, I miss you.

A popular trend in the 80s, “commoncase” is the use of mixed capital and lowercase letterforms in the same font.

I’ve always liked this, and I can’t really say why. Evidently it’s unheard of now… Google and Wikipedia searches came up with nothing. Typography is all but dead now anyway, so I guess this is just another casualty. Somebody at Just Brakes knows what’s going on, though.


2 Responses to Commoncase, I miss you.

  1. Tim says:

    Ick. I enjoy typography, and love when it’s used in an innovative way. But commoncase is a fad I’m glad didn’t stick around.

  2. zieglarf says:

    When I was a kid I saw something like that once and started printing that way.

    Any (lower case) letter that would stick up or down – I would print with a capital instead.


    WHen I was a KiD I saw someTHinG LiKe THaT once anD sTarTeD PrinTinG LiKe THaT.


    Works better when writing and you can make them the same height.

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