Fuck you NFL!

Coach: Well boys, we’ve battled our way into a tie at the end of regulation. So here’s the game plan: We’re gonna run a lot of power off tackle stuff, we’ve got lots of time. Dink and dunk until we get into field goal range and win this fucker.

Brett Favre: Fuck that, watch this!

“To be honest with you, when I let the ball go, I thought it was underthrown,” the 38-year-old Favre said of his bomb that ended the second-shortest overtime (16 seconds) in NFL history. “The ball stayed up in the air a long time. … Fortunately for me, it fell in the right place. We keep finding ways to do it, and we do it together. It don’t get any better than it was at the end of this game.”

He’s right. It don’t get any better.

(Interview and lots of reaction shots from the gorgeous Deanna a definite plus. Also, this statement from the article is stupid: “The only two cities where he hasn’t thrown a TD pass are Baltimore and Pittsburgh.” Uh, Ellington Missouri? I can think of a few more.)


6 Responses to Fuck you NFL!

  1. Jason says:

    Fuck you, Tony Kornheiser: No, I didn’t cry when Deanna read that poetry about her husband before the game.

  2. Tom says:

    Fuck you, Tommy Kramer: As the play was unfolding, I was told to “be quiet, you’ll wake the baby!”

  3. Shocho says:

    Who the fuck is Tommy Kramer? And I would be happy to have Deanna read poetry to me. Even Vogon poetry.

  4. Mkae says:

    Groop, I implore thee…

  5. Shocho says:

    Tommy Kramer was a Vikes QB, right? Who the fuck is Groop?

  6. Kathy says:

    CK, that’s the first line of the Vogon poetry from HGttG!

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