Who is this?

11 Responses to Who is this?

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Shocho says:

    Since I don’t know who you are, I don’t know who your dad is. Maybe you don’t either.

  3. Bpaul says:

    An actor who won a “scariest actor costume” contest…

    I’ve seen this before, but I don’t know actor names very well.

    I may have to go dig.

  4. Bpaul says:

    Neil Patrick Harris (would never have come up with that name on my own, since I don’t know the actor)

    don’t know where I’d seen that picture before, but it stuck in my cranium

  5. Shocho says:

    Dammit man, you don’t even watch television! Well done, sir! I thought that would be much tougher. I even changed the name of the jpeg to confound those technological people. Anyway, if there were a prize, you would certainly receive it.

  6. BubbaJoe says:

    I was really hoping it was a picture of Dr. Evan Heimlich. =)

  7. Shocho says:

    Which Dr. Evan Heimlich? There are so many of them.

  8. TheGirard says:

    damn it, beal beat me to the punch.

    Do you know how weird it is to see Kevin Tewart in the office every day?

  9. Mkae says:

    Is that where he ended up? Wow, that is weird.

  10. DrHeimlich says:

    Sweet merciful crap, that’s one scary-ass clown.

    I have a certain coulrophobic friend that really ought to see that picture. :-)

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