At least there are words.

From Cosmopolitan, we have a frank discussion of sexual positions, including nicknames like “Joystick Joyride” and “Randy Recliner.”

Sex Position of the Week
The Octopus
Carnal Challenge: [Five Flames]

Have your guy sit on the floor with his hands on the ground behind him. Tell him to spread his legs and bend them slightly at the knees. Keeping your hands on the floor for support, straddle his lap, facing him, and raise your legs so your right leg rests on his left shoulder and your left leg on his right shoulder. Do it right and you two will look like a multilimbed lust creature.

Because your body is tilted upward, your guy enters you in up-and-down motions rather than circular or side-to-side, bringing on deep, direct G-spot orgasms. And you both get a prime bird’s-eye view of the action — a male fantasy come true! Plus, if you can master this one, you two will have entered the Kama Sutra Hall of Fame. And what could be hotter than that?

This position is all about intimate contact, so make the most of it! If you’re feeling extra flexible, try wrapping your arms around his neck to get even closer to his hot body, where you can focus your attention on kissing and nibbling his lips, neck, and earlobes.

This is the difference between men’s magazines and women’s magazines: The latter have practical suggestions. And when I say “practical” I don’t mean how to tie your tie and tuck in your shirt.


2 Responses to At least there are words.

  1. Bpaul says:

    *scribbles notes*

  2. George Haberberger says:

    If you keep this kind if thing up, (no pun Intended), I won’t be able to read your blog at work.

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