Stargate found at NASA facility.

Is this a picture of a wind tunnel facility at NASA Ames Research Center after some demolition? Or is it the NASA secret Stargate? See it in action here.

The way I quote myself works is not entirely understood.


3 Responses to Stargate found at NASA facility.

  1. Bpaul says:

    More impressive than the picture or the story, is that you keep track of a Nasa watchdog site.

    Your geekiness is way too uber for me, I relent, I bow in submission.

  2. rartist says:

    I think this is a photo of the demolition of the 14′ wind tunnel. Normally NASA doesn’t have funds to put a padlock on the door, let alone tear it down. Most things are abandoned in place when they get a score or three behind in usefulness. The land it was on was worth more, or it was coming down on its own.

  3. Shocho says:

    Yes, if you read the article, it says this is indeed just a demolition project underway. I knew it wasn’t a real Stargate, cause that is right here in Colorado Springs.

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