Press my buttons!

They’re called “pages” on WordPress, not to be confused with “posts.” A page hangs around, like your very own little website. They’re on the tabs up above, just below the gorgeous seasonal banner illustration. What does “shocho” mean? What the fuck is a “ludography”? What movie did I pick as the 100th best and how could I be so stupid? I guess maybe you’re already clicking them like crazy and have no place to talk about them.


6 Responses to Press my buttons!

  1. Bpaul says:

    I was reticent to open this post, due to the title.

  2. Bpaul says:

    I’ve never liked having to subscribe to a comments feed either, seem clumsy. I like the “email me” option of other blog engines.

  3. Shocho says:

    Are you saying that WordPress does that or doesn’t do that? I’m confused. I guess it doesn’t, cause I just made this post and it didn’t ask me. Although maybe it doesn’t do that cause it’s my blog. It says you can subscribe to an RSS just for comments about this post, but that may be clunky. Although you can edit your comments here, which is nice.

  4. Bpaul says:

    Editing comments rocks. But no email notification sucks.

    A separate RSS feed just for one set of comments doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, tho I should probably try it before I bitch.

    Whups, too late.


  5. Mkae says:

    Shocho, can you explain why WordPress is better than Blogger?

  6. Shocho says:

    Herewith I shall list some reasons.

    1. Pages – actual web pages you can have available all the time and edit if they need editing. Real web publishing, not just ephemeral blog posts. Maybe it’s just me, but I do have to quote myself from time to time.

    2. Scheduled posts – Write five posts today and schedule them to be published for the next five days. Then take a break!

    3. Blog roll – The way they organize and categorize lists of links is way cool. That’s why I list lots more links on my sidebar than I used to.

    4. Easy import – It’s simple to import your whole damned Blogger blog and get every post and comment. Pics too!

    5. Theme selection – They call ’em themes, not templates, but there are dozens and dozens and its easy to change from one to another.

    6. Some famous websites use WordPress, like

    7. I’m here!

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