Bleeping doesn’t work.

I’m watching Lews Black on Comedy Central rated TV-14-L. Not surprisingly, there are many bleepings of censored words. I came to the following conclusion: If the bleeping worked, it would be rated G or E or whatever.

Let’s analyze the situation. Lewis says “fuck.” (It happens, trust me.) Your ever-vigilant censors listen to find this word (corrupting their little pure hearts for an eternity) and insert a “bleep” noise. Now, you can’t hear the word at all.

If bleeping worked (or even when they just drop the sound so you can’t hear anything, usually typed as, “What the _____?”) then that word would be completely removed and the show would go from “rated Naughty” to “rated Nice.”

But bleeping doesn’t work. The viewers know from context what word he’s saying. Hence the nasty L rating and a placement on late-night television.

So, the question arises, WHY THE FUCK DO THEY EVEN BLEEP WHEN WE ALL KNOW WHAT HE SAID??? They admit it doesn’t work because they take out ALL the words they don’t like and they STILL say it’s not suitable for children!!!

If everybody knows what’s being said, and it’s already labeled “not for children,” then why the fuck bleep out the naughty words? This is an incredibly stupid example of some organization saying, “See? We’re doing something!” when what they’re doing has no measurable effect at all.

You know, like the Bush administration. (You knew that was coming, I’m just dropping the other shoe.)

The way I quote myself works is not entirely understood.


2 Responses to Bleeping doesn’t work.

  1. Mkae says:

    Because 6 year olds do NOT know what he said, that’s why. And quite frankly, I would prefer they don’t begin using that word in school at that age. Now, the parents should prevent them from watching that show anyway, but that’s not the issue. You’re asserting that EVERYONE knows what was said. Not true. And no, it’s not Bush’s fault either. :)

  2. Shocho says:

    C’mon, I got in trouble for using That Word in grade school, and that was 40 years ago. Keeping a child ignorant is no way to teach him something. And by the way, the teaching of which words are appropriate and when is the sole province of parents, and not some idiot that works for the FCC.

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