Six reasons to hate the Pats.

I only need one reason. Let me paint a picture for you: Your favorite team is in the Super Bowl. There’s about 1 minute to go and they’re leading. The other team has the ball, and all they need is a 20-yard completion to get into field goal range and steal the game. They do, and they do.

Trust me, you’ll hate that team forever. Especially if they go on to further success and you hear about that all the time.

Anyway, here are six more reasons.


One Response to Six reasons to hate the Pats.

  1. Mkae says:

    All great reasons to hate the Pats. For myself, the Pats have become my “second team” behind the Cleveland Browns. The reason is purely due to the pro-sports writers and broadcasters treatment of Belichick when he was the head coach. Despite the spotty performance of the Browns and some controversy, many of us believed Art Modell, the piece of shit owner to be the real issue due to micro-management of the team from the front office. (The Bengals face the same problem with the idiot Mike Brown.) At that time, the press said about every terrible thing about Belichick possible. It now delights to me no end that these same ESPN and other mother fuckers have to praise him as one of the greatest coaches ever. THAT is why I root for the Pats now. :)

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