Gran turismo rosso scuderia!

ferrari-599-gtb.jpgI downloaded the Gran Turismo HD preview for my new PS3. I haven’t played a GT game for several years. There is one track and 10 slots with hidden cars. The first one is the Suzuki Cappuccino ’95 (I’m not making that up). I progress through several nondescript Japanese models… Integra, Lancer, Skyline, the usual stuff. GT is always full of Japanese cars.

I get a cute little Lotus Elise, and then the penultimate slot is a Toyota rally car, pretty cool. I’m thinking, oh gee, what could the last car I can earn be, maybe an NSX or something…

IT’S a 1996 FERRARI 599!!! 611HP!!! It comes in FOUR COLORS OF RED!!! I can’t believe I’m finally driving a Ferrari in Gran Turismo. I put it right into a fence. I remember that they record actual car sounds, so this is what a real 599 sounds like. Holy fucking shit! I fuck up the first lap and then think, “Aw, I have to take ANOTHER lap in this FERRARI!”

Wow. I can’t wait for the real game, even if it will be another year.

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