The machine knows.

I’ve been playing some Rock Band at various venues, now including my own basement. Upon delivering a compliment to a young lady who had just finished a fine guitar solo at the company Christmas party, she said, “I should have thrown the horns. The machine knows when you throw the horns.”

While I love the spirit of that statement, I wonder about its factuality. However, I do know that The Machine knows I suck at the drums. I can tell by the tips I get between songs. For my vocal and guitar careers, I get interesting trivia. For the drums I get, “If you’re having trouble with a drum part, try starting with just one hand.”

Actually, I’m becoming passable at drums on easy, so I guess I’m officially a triple threat now. Should that be quadruple threat? You can’t practice bass on solo. At least I can sit in on drums and probably not fail.

I hope you’re rocking out with your friends on Rock Band tonight! Happy New Year, everybody!


5 Responses to The machine knows.

  1. stingite says:

    So I’m behind the times . . . I had my first guitar hero game (or I should say games) last night at a New Year’s party.

    We have another jam planned already. ROCKING!

    *throws the horns*

  2. Shocho says:

    Awesome, man! I love me some Guitar Hero too, that’s my preferred instrument. But Rock Band is cooler cause it’s really multiplayer and great for parties. And I am having fun singing (you should hear me do Run For The Hills by Iron Maiden, dropping it down an octave to sound like Lurch) and I can play the drums REALLY badly.

    We’re thinking about going out today to buy a mike stand and a drum throne… for a VIDEO GAME!?

  3. Dani says:

    Are you playing the XBox360 version or the PS3? If the former, we should add each other as friends; Anton and I finally got our copy and have been playing it quite a bit.

  4. Shocho says:

    Nope, we’re PS3. Darn! I’m Karlemayn on the Rock Band boards, but I haven’t posted much there. Rock on, kiddo!

    Oh yeah… we did buy a drum throne, mike stand, and incredibly, some real guitar picks just to play Rock Band. I think the guy at the music store thought I was stark raving.

  5. Dani says:

    I added you as a friend! :)

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