Did you Skidoo?

skidooposter.jpgI did. I watched the movie Skidoo on TCM, just like I mentioned before. Never released on video in any format, a total bomb at the box office in 1968, it features an amazing list of movie stars you’ve heard of. Jackie Gleason stars, and does a great job with a jailhouse scene in which he drops acid and his mobster heart becomes absorbed by flower power. Groucho Marx, in his final film role, plays “God,” the head of a crime syndicate. Carol Channing plays Jackie’s wife, tries to seduce Frankie Avalon in her bra and panties, and sings the movie’s title track in the musical finale. Sample lyric: “Skidoo, skidoo, between the 1 and 3 there is a 2.”

After that finale, Harry Nilsson sings the credits (all of them) in a song included on the movie’s soundtrack album. Strangely, I remember seeing these credits before, so I had a close encounter with this movie on cable previously. Did I mention the dancing trash cans, set to the “Garbage Can Ballet” (also penned by Nilsson)?

Was this the worst movie I’ve ever seen? Was it really worse than the Monkees’ Head or the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour? Or Plan 9 From Outer Space? I think perhaps it was. To be sure, I’d have to watch the other two again, and I’m not willing to do that. So for me, Skidoo gets the nod. Somehow, watching this movie makes every other movie I’ve ever seen just a little bit better.

Next Friday on TCM Underground: Death Race 2000. I have seen that, and I remember it to be a real hoot, so the DVR is already set.


One Response to Did you Skidoo?

  1. DrHeimlich says:

    Death Race 2000 might be the most so-bad-it’s-good movie I’ve ever seen outside of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. I might have to watch that too. Maybe we should make a party of it.

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