What is this?

tshirtmystery We received some fine T-shirts from the SOE Austin office recently. I got the one with this logo on it. They’re making an online MMO featuring the DC Comics universe, and the two other styles we received were The Riddler and Catwoman. The supposition therefore is that this is a Batman villain. However, purist that I am, I ain’t gonna wear it until I know who this is! Is it Bane? That’s my best guess, and it’s a wild one. Anybody know what this symbol is?


4 Responses to What is this?

  1. Bpaul says:

    You got me… I’m watching with interest to see what it is.

  2. Mkae says:

    And why didn’t you just bring this to me FIRST??


    That is the symbol for the Sinestro Corps. It’s the anti-Green Lantern corps following Sinestro, Prime, Anti-Monitor and the Cyborg Superman.

    And I want one of those shirts. ;)

  3. Shocho says:

    Wow! I’m a big GL fan, so that’s very cool. No, you can’t have it now, but thanks!

  4. DrHeimlich says:

    Ah, big mistake, Mkae. You should have said it was Pharmacology Man or some crap, then you could have gotten a wicked cool t-shirt! :-)

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