Britain ends “War on Terror.”

The British government has decided to no longer refer to the “War on Terror.” Bully for them! I’ve said many times that this is not a war and the enemy are not soldiers.

“The people who were murdered on July 7 were not the victims of war. The men who killed them were not soldiers,” Macdonald said. “They were fantasists, narcissists, murderers and criminals and need to be responded to in that way.”

His remarks signal a change in emphasis across Whitehall, where the “war on terror” language has officially been ditched.

This whole idiocy started with the “War on Poverty,” I think. Then there was the “War on Drugs.” What it all adds up to is a “War on Common Sense.”

Nice to see a government coming to its senses. Wish that would happen to ours.


3 Responses to Britain ends “War on Terror.”

  1. Girard says:

    But…you started the “War on Fun”

  2. Bpaul says:

    Nice catch Shoch!

    As for the War on Fun, here is an illustration (and my favorite PBF cartoon as well).

  3. Bpaul says:

    Had to repost this to my blog, it’s just too good.

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