Things I learned from Cloverfield.

I’ll put these in the comment thread, cause I don’t want to spoil anything for you in case you haven’t seen the movie.


4 Responses to Things I learned from Cloverfield.

  1. Shocho says:

    Although Cloverfield has absolutely zero surprises, including the end of the movie which is spoiled in the first few minutes, so I don’t know what I could spoil even if I wanted to.

    Things I learned from Cloverfield:
    1. A hand-held video camera has 12 hours of battery power.
    2. A hand-held video camera has a spotlight and “night vision” capability.
    3. The Army has a ready reserve of tanks stationed in Midtown Manhattan.
    4. When Manhattan is attacked by a 300-foot-tall, Godzilla-like monster, nobody will say the words “Godzilla” or “monster.” LWC says it looked like a Water Horse.
    5. Godzilla-like 300-foot-tall monsters have “parasitic lice.” WTF?
    6. In just a few hours, you can evacuate Manhattan with two Huey copters.
    7. A hand-held video camera vastly improves in quality when you take it outside.
    8. You can sit for a couple hours with a piece of rebar stuck through you, survive, and get yanked off and still be able to pull somebody out of a crashed helicopter.
    9. When somebody gets “bit” in a monster movie, she’s gonna blow up. C’mon, who didn’t see that coming?
    10. Monsters like knocking over skyscrapers and bowling with statue heads. Why?

    Did you learn anything else from Cloverfield?

  2. gsmckinney says:

    I was surprised as you were by how speedily Midtown was evacuated, especially after at least one bridge is taken out. I was trying to get into NYC on a holiday weekend when the Lincoln Tunnel was out of commission, and it was complete madness.

    You forgot that the video camera not only had such battery power, but tremendous memory capacity. Maybe when we stopped by the electronics store to pick up the cell phone battery (lovely that it was charged), we also picked up batteries and media for the video camera.

    What I liked was that the un-injured woman gets the first helicopter out, not the one who has been bleeding profusely for hours.

    Still, I enjoyed it. Kinda like a roller-coaster ride. Just let go and hang on!

  3. dave(id) says:

    I’ve yet to see it and reading your list makes me not want to even more.

    Has there ever been a doom, gloom, world is ending, holy shit look at that thing movie based in reality that at least tries to be believable? Please tell me, I can’t think of any.

    6. In just a few hours, you can evacuate Manhattan with two Huey copters.
    Stuff like this irks me to no end and I hate that it does. I wish I could just sit back and enjoy.

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