Canadian is a racial slur.

Holy crap, I think this article is for real. The real bigots that live in the Southern US, the ones that spend as much time hating black people as I spend playing Rock Band, are using “Canadian” as a secret code word for “black.”

Last August, a blogger in Cincinnati going by the name CincyBlurg reported that a black friend from the southeastern U.S. had recently discovered that she was being called a Canadian. “She told me a story of when she was working in a shop in the South and she overheard some of her customers complaining that they were always waited on by a Canadian at that place. She didn’t understand what they were talking about and assumed they must be talking about someone else,” the blogger wrote.

It works like this: “We can’t use the usual word to describe the race we hate, so we’ll substitute a foreign nationality instead.” Gee, that insults a race and a nationality simultaneously! Full-time hate is a difficult job kids, don’t try this at home.

How does that make all y’all feel, my Canuckistani friends? (“Hooplehead” tag woefully inefficient here, I don’t have a “hatemonger” tag.)

9 Responses to Canadian is a racial slur.

  1. TMac says:

    And yet you do the exact same thing people using the slang did, make completely unbiased generalizations based on hearsay and conjecture. To imply that only people from the south are racist is exactly the same line of thought as the racists use. Black people can’t be as smart as a white person, insert random other thing that racists hate about the race they hate.

    My wife’s family is from Wisconsin and most of them live up there. In the times I’ve visited them I’ve encountered more racial comments that I do living in the south.

    My father’s family is from Pennsylvania and I visit and talk to them all the time. I’ve gone out drinking and the racial slurs/comments were as great as I’ve ever heard in the south. The conversation went on for hours in a bar about the quality of Mike Tomlin as a head coach based completely on the color of his skin.

    The south gets a very unfair blame on race relations in the United States because it is the “frontline”, it is where the race issue is being fought. That doesn’t mean that racism is limited to the south.

  2. Enrique says:

    So, what am I supposed to call a Canadian, if they’re really a Canadian?

  3. Shocho says:

    I didn’t say the only bigots in the country live in the South. I said there are some “real” bigots there. The Canadian article I linked to is more specific about “in the U.S. South.” Evidently that’s where this phenomenon is occurring.

    I have also seen bigtory throughout the country. The point of my post was that these people made up a secret code word to discuss their prejudices in public, and curiously picked a nationality to do so.

    As I often do, I’m talking about the words, and they have issues connected to them.

  4. Maelwys says:

    Interesting… especially considering how few black people there are in Canada compared to the US (3.0% of the total population; vs 12.4% in the US). But then again, I guess using a codeword like ‘Kenyan’ is too obvious, huh? (unless that’s what they were really saying and somebody overheard wrong?)

    I just hope it doesn’t catch on too much, or next time I’m down there visiting if I say I’m Canadian, I might get some really funny looks. (“No you’re not! You’re white!”)

  5. Beanie says:

    I heard that … ahem … “euphamism” ten years ago. At least. It’s not new. And I live in the North. I remember hearing a sub-urbanite, while in a very urban mall, remark “Oy. This place is crawling with freakin’ Canadians!

    Ha! Maybe we can start calling bigots “Bushwackers”! No?


    (Just doing my part to stir things up further)

  6. Mkae says:

    Enrique, Canadians are to be called “baconators”.

  7. Kate says:

    hosers, eh?

  8. Enrique says:

    Now I feel bad for all those times I referred to playing Halo with Sullivan, Malbeouf, and Dominic as “Hunting Canadians”. )=

    No wonder no one joined in our games.

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