Let the end times roll.

That’s just a terrific title, especially when it’s talking about ways to prepare for various kind of impending apocalypses.

From transgenic experiments destined to go awry to the imminent culmination of the Mayan calendar’s 13th baktun cycle, we’ll have to dodge a hell of a lot of bullets to make it to the next century. In a cold panic, Radar sifted through mountains of data, interviewed the world’s top experts, and prayed to several long-forgotten deities in an attempt to assemble a list of the planet’s most pressing doomsday scenarios and, more important, your best bets for staying alive.

The “gray goo” worries me the most. They don’t even know for sure what color a steaming mound of angry nanobots would look like.


2 Responses to Let the end times roll.

  1. Jason says:

    Whatever happened to the good ol’ days of nuclear annihilation? Kids these days and their crazy doomsday scenarios, I tell ya….

  2. Bpaul says:

    Now I have the Cars stuck in my head…

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