Grammy turns 50.

The Grammy Awards have shown at times a complete misunderstanding of music in general (Jethro Tull wins for Best Metal?) but they have often shown some fine musical moments. Last night’s 50th ceremony was one of the best ever.

  • I don’t get Amy Winehouse. She won 5 Grammys.
  • Alicia Keys twice? Yes, that’s fine.
  • Foo Fighters were terrific.
  • A performance of Rhapsody in Blue with two pianos was wonderful.
  • I still don’t get Kanye West. He seems quite average to me.
  • Vince Gill won a Grammy, which he doesn’t need cause he’s married to Amy Grant. He doesn’t need anything else.
  • That stupid Umbrella song won a Grammy, but Rhianna singing Jungle Love with the Time was pretty cool.

The Grammys still give out an award for the best “record” of the year. There ain’t no records no more kids, except maybe in sports.


One Response to Grammy turns 50.

  1. erika says:

    1. Amy Winehouse is great. Who else would sing “They tried to make me go to rehab… I won’t go, go, go…” while she is STILL IN REHAB??

    2. Alicia Keys can sing, but she can’t dress.

    3. You are wrong about Kanye. Just wrong. He’s an ass, but I always think of it this way… you and I can hear that “Hyundai” and “Sunday” rhyme, but can we think of a way to use them together? His lyrics are, for the most part, interesting.

    Anyway. Just my opinion.

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