Perfect song: Can’t Get Enough.

badcompanybadcompanyThere are some songs that I never get tired of, even after dozens or hundreds of times listening to them. I marvel at their completeness, their execution of craft, their tone and style. One of these songs is “Can’t Get Enough,” by Bad Company.

It’s not surprising that one of my most favorite songs is a Paul Rodgers song. He is simply the best rock vocalist, period. Yes, I know he runs on and on an on at the end of every song, but I love every little bit and especially the bits between the verses. This song has great chops, and it’s the kind of song you’d play for somebody who said, “what is a rock song?”

Well it’s late and I want love
Love that’s gonna break me in two
Gonna hang me up in the doorway
Gonna hang me up like ya do yeah!

Are there songs that you think are “perfect songs”? I don’t have many, but I’ll be talking about another one next week.


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