What is the opposite of street cred?

Is it “street deb”? Can your “street” account be in the red?

Nintendo’s Wii video game system, whose popularity already extends beyond the teen gaming set, is fast becoming a craze in rehab therapy for patients recovering from strokes, broken bones, surgery and even combat injuries.

I mean this is great and all, but on the Big Line that goes from Cool to Not So Cool it’s not approaching the Cool end.


4 Responses to What is the opposite of street cred?

  1. George Haberberger says:

    Not only have I never played Wii, I’ve never cared about playing any video games. When PacMan become such a sweeping craze, (back around the time of the Civil War), I made it kind of a personal badge of honor to not ever play it. Since then, I’ve just maintained the same attitude. So tell me, was PacMan fun?

  2. Ralph says:

    Nintendo doesn’t make systems that appeal as the “cool” thing to look at, but as a console owner of the Wii, and a player of the various systems that are out there, it seems silly to mock a system for it’s alternate uses. Microsoft has the best online setup, and the PS3 has top of the line power. Nintendo has the best hand-held gaming, and has also created the best interactive (from a physical sense) gaming setup. There is nothing that compares to making a throwing motion for a pass, or jerking the controller to deke a defender in football. That alone is the “cool” factor…far better than button mashing.

    If doctors can take a game, any game, whether it be video, board, card, or whatever, and make it useful, then I have no problem with that. Hell, if someone got hit in the head with shrapnel, and Wii sports gets them going again…more power to them.

    Let’s also clear things up. Street “cred” is not credit, but credibility, so “street deb” (as in debit) makes no sense.

  3. Shocho says:

    So basically, we agree that the Wii isn’t cool?

  4. Ralph says:

    Chuck, Chuck…come on now. Deciding what’s cool is very subjective, but let’s be honest here. Neither of us are hipster 20-somethings. I like playing games, video, CCGs, and board games, but who thinks CCGs and board games are cool anymore? I certainly appreciate things like CCG deck-building, or old-school thinking games a la Risk or Stratego, but I’d never call them cool. Challenging? Sure. Requiring thought? Definitely. Fun? Of course, or else I wouldn’t play! As far as video games go, a console’s a console. It’s the software that makes or breaks a system, and determines the cool factor. Would the XBox have been cool without Halo? Would the original NES have been cool without Super Mario Brothers? Without games that make good use of the Wii’s unique controller, it’s just a gimmick. That’s why I grow weary of console fanboys [Xbox! no PS3! no Atari 2600! :) ] and their chants of “your console sucks, mine rocks”. Games are the key, not the platform they run on, and as such, decide the “cool factor.”

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