The double standard.

I watched the CBS “premiere” of Dexter, a Showtime offering that originally premiered in 2006. I liked it a lot. Not to anybody’s surprise. the gruesome details of the murders featured in the episode weren’t held back at all. In this age of Autopsy TV, two-year-old cable horror is yesterday’s news.

Of course, the really objectionable part is the horrible language used by one of the policemen Dexter works with. We were treated to an onslaught of “frickin” and “friggin” and lots of other badly dubbed replacements.

What’s the lesson learned here, kiddies? Gruesome gory crimes are fine, just don’t talk with naughty words. What are we teaching our children?


One Response to The double standard.

  1. Jason says:

    Which is still one of my major complaints about Battlestar Galactica.

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