I like to read comics.

I found out about Sandman through a promotional flyer stuck in my weekly bag of comics. This was about issue #9. I immediately bought all the issues I could find (still don’t have #2, dammit). My comic store owner, a complete idiot who didn’t want to run a retail store (he wanted to run a mail-order house with no shipping), once asked me in reference to my Sandman purchase, “Why do people read this?” I said, “Have you read it? It’s very good.” He was completely nonplussed by the idea of “reading” a comic. A quote from Neil Gaiman follows:

Or as a comic store employee explained to me back then, the problem with Sandman was that people bought it to read, and they couldn’t be persuaded to just buy lots of copies as investment items.

Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end, but thank the many gods they finally did. Or I think they have. I went inside a comic book store the other night for the first time in many years. Anyway, here’s to reading comics, which is what they are for, and not just recycling them for a profit.

One Response to I like to read comics.

  1. George Haberberger says:

    I would be embarrassed to tell you what my weekly comic-buying price tag comes to these days. I used to have a budget. but that is a distant memory. If you want to pick up something interesting these days you might give Thor a look, Apparently Ragnarok occurred at the of the last series. Thor was MIA for about a year, (maybe longer), but his hammer was found in the Oklahoma desert. Eventually Don Blake came along to claim it, He became Thor, re-awakened the rest of the Norse Gods who were living as humans and now a little town in Oklahoma has Asgard for a neighbor.

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