What the fuck?

My doctor draws blood to check my electrolytes. I look up “electrolytes” on the web. I find only chemical and electrical explanations that don’t tell me why I need this stuff. What are they for?

It’s just like “antioxidants.” The box for my tea bags says they have some and I need some. Why? What are they for?

I need a simple explanation like, “If you don’t have enough of this you will die.” Or even, “If you have more of this, you will be prettier.” I need something to hang my hat on here. I am lost in a sea of incomprehensible information.

Until I receive a credible explanation for why I need these things, I remain convinced that they are words simply made up to sell me products like Gatorade and Lipton’s Tea.

One Response to What the fuck?

  1. Kathy says:

    Joke answer you won’t get if you haven’t seen ‘Idiocracy’: But…it’s what plants crave…?

    Real answer: http://health.yahoo.com/blood-diagnosis/electrolyte-panel/healthwise–tr6146.html

    You need ’em. Electrolyte is just a catch-all term for the minerals that should be present in your bloodstream if your body is ticking along doing everything correctly.

    (But…it’s what plants crave!)

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