TSA can’t believe MacBook Air is real.

The MacBook Air’s advanced technology leads TSA scanner moron to suspect it’s not a laptop. Maybe it’s really a shoe bomb or dangerous explosive liquid container. The owner actually misses his flight due to this stupidity.

Apparently, the TSA employee manning the line was flabbergasted by the “lack of a drive” and the complete absence of “ports on the back,” and while hordes of co-workers swarmed to investigate, the user’s flight took off on schedule.

When LWC’s iBook was the Newest Thing, we would get stopped at every airport check by morons who didn’t know what the power supply was. Shouldn’t the TSA screeners be updated on the newest technology? Oh wait, I forgot… they don’t do anything important and what they do they do very poorly.

Begin rants against Macintosh in 3, 2, 1…


2 Responses to TSA can’t believe MacBook Air is real.

  1. Kathy says:

    Begin rants against Macintosh in 3, 2, 1…

    Nope, not from me. The TSA is the trump card for anything. It’s ridiculous that we’re so all-fired concerned about airport security (it’s as though we think that’s the ONLY way anything bad will happen, so as long as we’re manic about that, we’re covered…which is ludicrous) and yet they’ll spend money on anything OTHER than hiring competent screeners. AFAIK that’s still a very low-paid job with few prerequisites. Shouldn’t we put about four or five well-paid, really smart, technically-knowledgeable and common sense-minded people at every check-in instead of the twelve unqualified, “I only know what I remember from that video they showed me three years ago” people? I mean, if we’re going to act like that one place is the way to eliminate all terrorism everywhere…which again, is so incredibly stupid and is clearly meant just to reassure people who were put off air travel back in 2001.

    I mean, it’s easy to be scared. That doesn’t mean we should lose our ability to reason.

  2. TMac says:

    Can I just rant against the crappy computer that is the Mac Book Air? My next laptop will be a Mac but the Air is an overpriced not so good computer. The low-end Mac Book is much more powerful than the Air and it costs $700 less. Oh sure you save about 3 lbs on the Air vs. the low end model but for $700 and the possibility to fix or upgrade I’ll take the other model.

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