If I were a character on Lost.

I have decided that explanations are not necessary on Lost. The big mysteries don’t have to be solved in order to make me happy. The show is about the characters, and not what the Black Smoke might be.

However, one of my favorite theories going around is that landing on The Island gives you a second chance. A chance to fix some of the things that went wrong with your life. A chance for redemption. In that regard, I don’t think I have anything to fix. I’ve been very lucky. I’ve had a terrific life.

Which leaves me with the individual characters, the best part of the story in any case. The first answer that came to my head was Sawyer. He has a cruel sense of humor, he’s great with the ladies, and he keeps a 2-day growth of beard for weeks at a time. Amazing talents. But morally, he’s bankrupt. Self-centered to the end.

I’ve looked around, even to some of the female characters, and I keep coming back to Jack. He’s the kind of fictional character I always feel sorry for, the straight-arrow guy that makes plans. Sure, he’s got some problems in his past, even issues with his father, but bascially he’s take-charge, follow-me guy.

If I were thrown into a chaotic situation like that plane crash, and everybody was running around like crazy, I think I’d try to do something to pull people together. His medical skills were a help at that point as well.

To provide a stupid geeky analogy, at one point our World of Warcraft alliance sort of split up and lots of the players with experience running the big raid called Molten Core went elsewhere. When I saw the other Warrior players signed up for the raid, I realized that I had the most experience with the content. I hadn’t been the “main tank” before, but I’d seen what goes on. So I volunteered for that job, even though I hadn’t done it before, because the group needed somebody to do that.

Isn’t that like Jack? Who would you be?

2 Responses to If I were a character on Lost.

  1. George Haberberger says:

    I would probably be Dr. Arnst (sp?), the guy that got blown up after mentioning that there were other survivors besides the close-knit clique that got all the camera time. Yeah him or one of the other people that stand around in the background waiting for something to happen.

  2. DrHeimlich says:

    Well, this quiz says I’m Sawyer. But with all the typos, how can I be sure?

    This one says I’m Jack, but kinda also Sayid or Boone. But the test only covers through season 2, so plenty of characters aren’t in it.

    Maybe I’m Faraday or something.

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