Colorado: Threat or menace?

I never cared much for Virginia Beach. As a medium-sized community, I found it lacking in the things you get from a large metropolis: more movie theaters, concerts, sports teams, things like that. While the beach and ocean were novelties for me coming from the Midwest, I’m not into water sports.

LWC did like Virginia Beach. She liked being close to the ocean, and anybody who’s been to the house can tell you she likes lighthouses, and there were dozens in driving range out there on the east coast. She warmed to Denver slowly, but now I think she’s starting to like it better.

Nobody ever said one single bad word about Denver when I told them I was moving here. Now that I live here, I know why. I love it! It’s sunny almost all the time and the views are wonderful. In many ways it reminds me of living in St. Louis, the place I’ve spent over 30 of my years.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I’ve been to several large cities in the US and some of them remind me of St. Louis and some of them don’t. There’s a buzz in a big city, with lots of things to do and places to go. I like that feeling. Hell, I can tell by watching local news whether I’m in a big city or not.

I didn’t even come here on a scouting mission before we decided to move. We made the decision and came here sight unseen, but I’ve never been disappointed. I guess I have to say that I got all that I expected from Denver and much more.

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