This… is the end of the world!

Doomsday. The movie. Haven’t seen it, definitely curious for three reasons (a) post-apocalyptic mayhem, (b) Rhona Mitra, and (c) Rhona Mitra. I Google “doomsday movie bentley” and I find this clip. (Sorry if you have to watch a short ad, I saw a very funny Snickers commercial with a Viking.) I’m gonna spoil it all with this analysis, so you may want to watch it first.

I see a typical tattered bunch of Road Warrior tattoo and mohawk addicts. Hey, there’s a bus covered with graffitti and falling apart at the seams filled with apocalyptic goobers. Our girl Rhona is driving a Bentley. Wait, what? It’s spotless. No graffitti on this thing. Looks like they’re gonna collide! Whoa, the Bentley drove right through the bus…


This is a shit storm of epic proportions. What is a spotless Bentley doing in this movie? How did it plow through A BUS without A SCRATCH? I can only theorize that Rhona’s Hotness Field extended to cover the car and protected it during the crash.

Of course, this incredible display of senselessness was provided by Product Placement. We’ll pay you a bunch of money to show our car in your flick, but you can’t show it being damaged. If you’re a racing video game aficionado, this scene is exactly like Gran Turismo meets Burnout. What if a car from GT, where manufacturers don’t allow their cars to show damage, ran right through Burnout, a game in which it’s your job to create titanic wrecks?

It’s hard to say that in this kind of movie that’s ridiculous, but I believe that every story has its own boundaries and its own sense of verisimilitude. That Bentley does not belong in that movie.


3 Responses to This… is the end of the world!

  1. Bpaul says:

    Ok, to enjoy this movie I suggest you spin it differently.

    “That Bentley just drove out of a cave filled with MILITARY equipment… AWESOME.”

    The fact that it doesn’t make sense, just makes it better….

    There is NO verisimilitude in this movie and that’s what makes it so damn entertaining. None — zip.

    And the lady, there’s always the lady.

  2. girard says:

    What Bpaul said. There is a reason the car is in pristine condition (I don’t believe the cave was full of all military eq, I believe it was just consumer goods).

    I’m surprised you didn’t touch on the fact that it went through the bus at an elevated level with no ramp on the other side of the bus. I mean, it could just be coated with teflon.

  3. Bpaul says:

    Teflon I think is the answer.

    The fact that every other car involved in this chase exploded when even barely nicked by collision as they it were made of vaporized propane could also be a reason… nothing hard left behind to hurt the bentley :-)

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