Making games and playing games.

I have been told that if one works at McDonald’s, one does not eat there.

When I started at That Company, we played Middle Earth CCG (they handed me a starter deck: “Do you play? Read the rules.”). Occasionally, we played our own games, but there were always issues. It’s hard to do something you do at work for recreation, I guess.

We had a game night on Fridays at my house for many years, and we played board games. It was a good experience for designers of card games, to be exposed to other kinds of mechanics. Sometimes we even played other companies’ CCGs… I played a lot of L5R back then.

I’ve always liked to play new games, and now they’re something I can use to make my own job better. My perspective is definitely changed. Everyone thinks it’s cool to have a job that’s making things you use when you relax, but there are some complicated issues. You tend to look at everything differently, critically.

When I was a graphic designer and typesetter, I would analyze and disassemble every restaurant menu I was handed. Embarrassing for my co-diners. I still point out way too many typos for the comfort zone of those around me.

So the answer is yes, when you make games, playing them becomes a different experience. But it’s still fun, and I’m still a gamer!


2 Responses to Making games and playing games.

  1. Jason says:

    I do the same thing with magazines now that you used to do with menus. How can they use that font? That column should be on the left side. They spelled that name wrong. You call that a table of contents?

    Speaking of typos, I d/l-ed the demo version of LoN yesterday. There’s a card in there titled “(something) Judgement.” Then again, I didn’t know how to spell that word until the Magic set came out.

  2. DrHeimlich says:

    “Judgement” is the predominant British spelling, while “Judgment” is the predominant American spelling. In the EverQuest MMO, the ability for which the card is name opted for the British spelling… so there it is.

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