Please go away.

I hear on the radio a retrospective about the Cranberries and Eric Carmen. The guy talks about their hit “Go All the Way.” I can’t remember a song with that title. Eventually, he gets around to playing the song. I always thought the song said, “Please go away,” not “Please go all the way.” Even listening to it knowing the title, I still heard it that way. Sample lyrics:

I never knew how complete love could be
Till she kissed me and said,
Baby, please go all the way,
It feels so right
Being with you here tonight,
Please, go all the way.

Now I thought it was “go away” instead of “go all the way,” so the song never made sense to me until  yesterday. I thought the girl in the song was some kind of bipolar crazy bitch. This is why a song you are familiar with is hard to sing in Rock Band, cause you’ve been singing it wrong for years.


4 Responses to Please go away.

  1. Mkae says:

    That is one of my favorite songs of all time. How could you not hear the “all the”?? Once again, you are dead to me. :)

    Is this song in Rock Band? I seriously doubt it.

  2. Shocho says:

    How can I be dead more than once? No, it’s not in Rock Band. They have a policy of not including songs you like.

  3. Kindralas says:

    At the rate Rock Band’s adding songs, it might be in there tomorrow. Who knows? I’ve all but given up my quest to have an MP3 of all Rock Band/Guitar Hero songs. I was willing to try to rip the two impossible songs (Trippolette and Jordan), but keeping up with the 293 songs they add weekly is a bit rough.

    Besides, the song’s cooler if it’s about a bipolar crazy bitch. Bipolar crazy bitches make the dating scene go ’round.

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