Legen… dary!?

I miss you Barney Stinson! Hey wait, I have more first-season episodes of Mother to catch up on…

But I digress.

LWC picked up I Am Legend so we gave it a look this weekend. I expected a conventional horror movie, and it turned out to be a lot more. It’s pretty much a one-man tour-de-force for Will Smith, who is one of those guys I love to watch in a movie. Like John Goodman and Sam Jackson, Smith never does a half job. He gets to show some real emotional moments in this flick.

The movie is intense and the pacing, especially with flashbacks, is almost erratic. I guess my expectations were really low for Legend, but I was impressed with the way it was made and especially the performance from Smith. It’s not Top 100 worthy, but it’s worth a watch.

3 Responses to Legen… dary!?

  1. George Haberberger says:

    I liked it too, but movies…



    where a dog dies bother me. Kill a boatload of people? Fine. Kill a dog? I have to look away.

  2. Bpaul says:

    I agree with poster, and with commenter.

    I had low expectations and they were met hehe.

    And, I don’t care how consistent the parts or high budget the movies, I do like Mr. Smith what can I say.


  3. hwc007 says:

    I wish the movie didn’t end so suddenly. It had a great pace and then seemed to wrap up in an instant. The billboard for the Batman/Superman movie was pretty cool though. =)

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