Rose Sonja.

I didn’t know that one of my favorite gals Rose McGowan and one of my favorite directors Robert Rodriguez were “an item.” Falling behind on my gossip mags, I am. Anyway, they’re teaming up to do Red Sonja all over again. Can’t be worse than the 1985 Brigitte Nielsen flick. Got to be better with Rodriguez on the job! I can’t wait!


2 Responses to Rose Sonja.

  1. Brad says:

    Actually, Rose and Robert are no longer an item and I heard that means that the Red Sonja project is not going forward.

  2. Shocho says:

    Dammit, I’m still behind on the gossip! Oh well, I’m sure Robert can find another Sonja, or Barbarella, or whatever movie he’s making. What’s Milla doing these days?

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