Wall-E is great.

I’m gonna write some more in the comments to avoid spoiling anything. We liked it. You can’t go wrong with Pixar, I really believe that. There is a short film before Wall-E called Presto, and it was very good too.


4 Responses to Wall-E is great.

  1. Shocho says:

    It didn’t have too many references to other pop culture things, but there were two obvious 2001 references. Auto (the autopilot) was obviously Hal, and you can’t miss Also Sprach Zarathustra in there at a critical moment.

    But there was one bit that absolutely made me ROFL each one of the four times that it happened. I had to cover my mouth each time cause I laughed way more than anybody else.

    Wall-E goes about his regular day and wakes up the next morning feeling low. He can’t even get his shoes (treads) on. So he goes out to sun himself and recharge his solar batteries. I noticed before I saw the movie that where his heart is, there’s a solar recharge meter.

    Anyway, he holds up these solar panels like reflectors for people who are sunning their necks, and when he’s back to 100%… we hear the Macintosh bong. (That’s the sound a Mac makes when it starts up.) I laughed my ass off.

    Wall-E is a solar-powered Macintosh! I love this guy. Which brings me to my next point: There are no Wall-E toys. NONE. All we could find at Target was a beach towel. WTF? I would have bought a little mini Wall-E in a split second. Very peculiar decision, seems to me.

  2. Shocho says:

    Actually according to a quick Google, there are Wall-E toys, just not at Target, evidently. Maybe we’ll check at Wally World. I know how you all love Wal-Mart so.

  3. Shocho says:

    The more I think about this movie, it bothers me how it has little narrative structure. It rambles all over the place. They made me love the characters, but they didn’t make me love the story. The crisis that befalls Wall-E at the end seemed engineered to provide a happy ending (by supplying the film’s first real tragedy first). Wall-E crashes and bangs and falls lots of times during the movie, but he gets seriously damaged only when the movie needs him to.

    I read some reviews of this film, and most are glowing with praise. Wall-E invokes old cinematic themes, many obviously and some more subtly, but the reviewers are responding the way they do to something they call an “homage.” If they don’t like it, then it’s a “ripoff.”

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