Commemorative math.

The September 11th $20 Coin Commemorative looks more like a silver bill than a coin. It’s actually called a “coin-certificate.”

The confusion doesn’t end there, either. It’s also “double-dated” with “2001-2008.” Two dates? WTF? But wait, there’s more:

An historic first!

This Coin-Certificate displays a standard $20 denomination on one side. But on the other side, it’s the first time ever that two separate denominations have been used to add up to the full $20 face value – it uses 9 and 11 to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy.

Did you see how they said “an historic” there to make you think they were cool? Anyway, here’s the curious part: there is a 9 and an 11 on one side of this thing, and this adds up to 20, so it’s like a 20-dollar bill. (Let’s not mention the fact that there are actually two 9s and two 11s.) On the other side, just like every other “certificate” ever issued, there are two 20s, which according to their math, adds up to 40.

This is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen.


One Response to Commemorative math.

  1. Dani says:

    It’s also Liberian currency, and 20 Liberian dollars = 32 American cents. haha

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