Less Apple in my home.

Today, I unplugged my Apple AirPort G-type router and replaced it with a Linksys Cisco Gigabit N-type router. My old router was five years old, and about three times as expensive as it should ever have been.

I found out that Linksys has become Apple-friendly, with online downloadable software that helps you install their routers with your Macintosh. LWC asked me if we should go to the Apple Store to look for these routers, and I said, “No, if they sold Linksys routers at the Apple Store they would NEVER sell a SINGLE AirPort router.”

I headed to Best Buy with a printout of the five different models that this feature supports, and purchased the mid-range model. A few minutes later, and I was up and running with my new router. One of the easiest hardware installs I’ve ever done.

Also, I upgraded from a white piece of plastic to a black one. Black Plastic Thingie > White Plastic Thingie.


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