Typographers write.

I can’t exactly say why this is cool or relevant, but I like this article about the handwriting of typographers. I like to look at architect’s handwriting on blueprints too. I feel strangely voyeuristic when I look at handwriting.

Herewith I supply a sample of my own handwriting, a curious pastiche of longhand and printing. Why the “G” in “Going Mobile” is fine and the one for “My Generation” is so poor is a mystery.

You can see from this sample that “Going Mobile” almost made the cut, but then I decided not to download it. Yes, I know that it’s not a synthestizer but a Mutron guitar solo (I knew I guy that had a Mutron), but it’s got too much Pete vocal for my tastes.

You can also see that I ordered my way cool thumb drive from Tiger Direct, and I just found out about Imbued Netherweave ARMOR.


2 Responses to Typographers write.

  1. Kindralas says:

    How bad is it that I’ve read that handwriting enough that, to me, it’s probably the easiest handwriting for me to read, including my own. My own handwriting has a tendency to confuse certain things, and is horrible inconsistent, probably due to the fact that I’m at the leading edge of the generation that never really had to write much.

  2. Kathy says:

    I just can’t stop seeing “Inbred Netherweave ARMOR”.

    I can’t talk, though. My handwriting in indecipherable.

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