Brett Favre is a sport.

On the ESPN bottom line, or the ESPNEWS crawl, they list things by sports and leagues with abbreviations like NL, AL, MLB, NASCAR, and NFL. Among such lists this last week we have seen a new sport: FAVRE. There he is, the Green Bay quarterback, just a man, but listed as if he were a sport unto himself. Maybe for sports commentators he is like a sport: an unending source of rumors, suppositions, and hearsay. What more does a sport need?


One Response to Brett Favre is a sport.

  1. Kindralas says:

    The Brett Favre saga disgusts me. People retiring and then coming back is one thing, but the Favre has been keeping the Packers on ice for going on three years now, he shouldn’t be bristling at all at the Packers telling him no when they finally have the opportunity to move on. Unless this is some masterminded calculated move to deflect attention away from Aaron Rogers, all he’s doing is making things harder on his former team and himself.

    If I were the Packers, I’d hold his contract until it was up, retire his jersey this year, and wish him well for the remainder of his life.

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