Faith of our frauders.

I gazed with disbelief as I saw, in the lobby of the fine Conrad hotel in Indianapolis, a CNN news program saying that the two men who want to be president of this country were going to debate about religion.

As a fervent believer in the separation of church and state (I don’t like the word “God” all over my money, for example), I could simply blink my eyes, mouth agape, and try to figure out if this was a Mad TV sketch.

In this time when everything about America is crumbling, is this all they can think of to talk about? Following is the beginning of a fine article about the subject that sums up much of what I feel about the fiasco this country is becoming:

Campaign 2008 hit a special new level of Pathetic on Saturday, when John McCain and Barack Obama were interviewed by some pompous self-appointed American pope about their religious beliefs.

Please, just read the article. Imagine me saying this to you. This guy knows what I’m feeling. I feel like the last rat survivor on a sinking crashing plane ship on fire with the wings falling off into the ocean where there are sharks.


5 Responses to Faith of our frauders.

  1. Kindralas says:

    While I agree wholeheartedly, I liked what whatever his name is said when he said “the church and state are separate, but faith applies to everything.” The beliefs of a man taking office are important. Granted, no one who isn’t Christian is getting elected in this country, so it’s all more political bullshit anyway, but it’s nice to know if someone’s a sort of fiery fundamentalist Christian or a laid back, “God loves you” sort of Christian.

    Whether it should or not, those beliefs do play a role in how a president operates, so it’s nice to know where he/she/it stands.

  2. Kathy says:

    Nah, you’re not alone, CK. I’ll bring my violin and we can play Nearer My God To Thee (oh, the IRONY!) on the deck as the ship goes down.

  3. George Haberberger says:

    Fine article!!? C’mon Chuck. You asked to imagine you saying this to me. If you had I would have said “Who are you and what have you done with the real CK?’ This guy just wants to rant, (and I guess he has to when his blog is titled Ken Layne’s Outrage), but he has no sense of history. He says, “The United States of America is bankrupt, morally and financially.” Are things worse now than they were in 1861 when the country was tearing itself apart. Worse than 1930 in the depths of the Great Depression? Worse than when we interred Japanese-Americans? Things have never been perfect. They aren’t now either but this too shall pass.

  4. Shocho says:

    Let me just say to that that I remember a time when gas was cheap and government was good for people. A time when I was proud to be an American, not ashamed of my leaders or the countries they have conquered. A time when politicians didn’t invent new words to cover up their crimes. A time when my country was a leader in international technology and manufacturing and ideas.

    That time is long gone. I wish it were here again.

  5. Enrique says:

    “I remember a time when…”

    Joke about Chuck’s age in 3… 2… 1…

    – Enrique

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