I love Tank Girl.

Of course I love the comics. The only reason you don’t love them is because you haven’t read them yet. But I’m here to tell you that I love the movie too! It’s officially in the Top 100.

The flick captures the crazy antics of the comics, and Lori Petty is wonderfully irreverent. I’m looking for the terrific soundtrack, which was selected by none other than Courtney Love-Cobain. I like her too, and I’m not ashamed to admit that either.

Malcolm McDowell is a great bad guy, and Ice-T plays… well, he plays Ice-T, does he ever play anybody else? The production values are much better than I remembered. I love the Tank.


One Response to I love Tank Girl.

  1. Beanie says:

    Filed under “Guilty Pleasures”, to be certain. lol

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