I’m in the wrong business.

I wish I were the CEO of a huge corporation making lots of money for lots of people. I wouldn’t have to worry about my company doing a good job of that, because if something calamitous happened, the government would give my company 85 billion dollars. In fact, my parachute would be so golden that the worst thing that could happen to me, if my company failed and I lost my job, is that I would get a 100 million dollar severance deal.

When the reward for running your company into the ground is government bailout and a golden parachute, where is the incentive to do things the right way?


One Response to I’m in the wrong business.

  1. Bpaul says:

    Oh now… 100 million is, in SOME cases an exaggeration. One of McCain’s advisors only got 40 million when fired as CEO.

    Lets not get crazy here, that’s two digits, not three — or rather that’s 8 digits not 9.

    I mean — only 40 million FOR BEING FIRED.

    *attempts to keep head from exploding*


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