Happy NPD!

That’s right folks, it’s National Punctuation Day! Let’s all try to save an apostrophe from being in the wrong place today. The Fark post about this said something about “grammar nazi,” and I thought, “hey, that’s me!”


4 Responses to Happy NPD!

  1. Louie says:

    Hey. Thanks for including our Daily Holiday site in your post!

    Holidays on the Net

  2. George Haberberger says:

    What the #@**}#!!!?

  3. erika says:

    You’re blog is always so informative.

  4. Bpaul says:

    I was in the woods with an editor yesterday, and she told me about this holiday. She had on punctuation earrings (parenthesis on one side, comma on the other I think) — I IMMEDIATELY thought of you sir.

    I knew you’d have a post about it hehe.

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