Sobchak politics.

Walter Sobchak terrorizes the plot of the Coen Brothers film The Big Lebowski. Technically, he’s not the hero, but he’s obviously the driving force behind much of the plot.

Walter is essential to understanding what the Coen brothers are up to in this movie, which is slyer, more political, and more prescient than many of its fans have recognized. Perhaps that’s because Walter, with his bellowing, Old Testament righteousness and his deeply entrenched militarism, is an American type that barely registered on the pop-culture landscape 10 years ago. He’s a neocon.

This article views the scene with Larry, his homework, and the Corvette as a foreshadowing of the Iraq war.

When Larry says nothing, Walter proceeds to Plan B: destroying the new Corvette parked outside—purchased, he assumes, using the money left in the car—with a crowbar. Actually, though, the Corvette belongs to a neighbor. Neocons everywhere can sympathize.

Destroying the wrong car is like busting up the wrong country just cause you got mad and felt like you had to do something. Sounds familiar to me!


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