I’m a PC.

Microsoft has a new ad campaign which is an “answer’ to the long-running “Mac vs. PC” ads from Apple. This is lame for so many reasons, I don’t know where to begin.

First of all, they’re answering a series of ads that are obviously poking fun at them. Which is just silly and pointless. “You said I was dumb, and I say NO WAY!” Did Microsoft really fear that we thought that every PC user looked like that Expert guy from the Daily Show?

Secondly, “I’m a PC” is about as great an ad campaign as “This is beer” for Budweiser. “I’m a Mac. And I’m a PC” was just the introduction for a funny series of ads from Apple. IT’S THE WHOLE CAMPAIGN for the new ads from Microsoft. “I’m a PC and I work in a boat!” WTF? What are we learning here?

Thirdly, folks have asserted and Microsoft has admitted that their ads are made on Macintosh by their ad agency. Which is lame.

Actually, I have long maintained that I, an Apple adherent, happen to find the Mac vs. PC ads hilarious. However, I wish Apple would find another way to spend some of that large amount of money I’ve sent them. I don’t think ANYBODY ever looked at those ads and said, “Hey, I must be the dumb guy! I want to be a cool guy, so I’m throwing away my PC and getting a Mac!” In other words, I don’t think those Apple ads sell any computers. Funny does not equal money.

Someday, Apple will tell everybody that their computers do everything the PC computers do, and THEY’RE MUCH MORE EASY TO USE! I don’t know why it has to be a lifestyle choice. I use my electric drill to drive screws instead of my screwdrivers becuase it’s EASIER FOR ME.

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