Stomping grounds stomped.

LWC and me just finished a four-day whirlwind tour of St. Louis. Of course, we spent lots of quality time with our son and had dinner with my sister’s family (most of it, it’s hard to get all of them in one place). We spent an evening playing Apples to Apples with Brian’s fine band of friendly fellows, and there were lots of laughs (they already knew about my fondness for Friction). A splendid time was had by all.

We visited the local eateries such as White Castle, Lion’s Choice, and Steak ‘n’ Shake, and even tried the toasted ravioli at Fazoli’s (it was poor). We shopped some new shopping centers, including the St. Louis version of our own Colorado Mills. We restocked our St. Louis sports team paraphernalia with several stickers and new T-shirts (my Rams shirt is particularly ironic).

In other news, I got to drive a rented Pontiac G6 (I liked it a lot) and saw my son playing Warhammer Online, which has some cool features indeed and don’t look half bad. Our plan to bring back the rare Provel cheese was foiled by the plane trip (we couldn’t figure out how to keep it cold and fresh).

One Response to Stomping grounds stomped.

  1. Jason says:

    Chuck, at this point you could probably coach the Rams. Hey, maybe you should have looked into that while you were there!

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