Blast from the past.

I haven’t played as many video games as some of you out there. But I have played SOME video games MORE than some of you out there. Which is to say that my catalog may not be as varied, but there are some titles I have played to death.

One of those is Gran Turismo. In one of the old versions of the game, when a certain song kicked in, I was in a zone and my score increased. The song is “Heaven Is Wide,” by Garbage. Whenever I hear that song, I imagine a controller in my hands as I lean to one side Englishing my car through a sweeping turn.

They say that fragrances are the strongest memory triggers, but I think music is way up there as well. Any of the rest of you have music-related video-game hallucinations?


4 Responses to Blast from the past.

  1. Tom says:

    Song for Dot on SSX

  2. Jason says:

    That other Garbage song that was in the NHL game we always played. I still can’t get it out of my head.

    Here it is!

  3. Kindralas says:

    That song would be Push It, which I would imagine would be obvious, given the video.

    There are a wide variety of songs that do that from me, from most Offspring songs (doubly amusing now that I actually drive a taxi), to a smattering of songs associated with EA Sports games and Gran Turismo.

    And, of course, the Guitar Hero and Rock Band songs provide some memories. There are a heck of a lot of songs that I didn’t like before that I find myself singing along with now, like Cowboys from Hell and Bark at the Moon.

  4. shada says:

    funny, that song is a complete memory trip for me too. I got the cd for christmas one year, along with a couple of star wars novels and some chocolate covered arrowroot cookies in my stocking. Any time I hear it now I think of Mara Jade and taste arrowroot.

    My video game related music hallucinations aren’t from actual soundtracks, they’re usually from what I was listening to at the time. One of BP’s mix tapes (“butt tapes”) recalls wiping Mechanar a bazillion times, The Bourne Identity soundtrack is downloading custom content for the Sims, and Covenant and Project Pitchfork is the hours I spent MUDing.

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