A sneak peak into “sneak peak.”

The typo I’m seeing most often these days is “sneak peak” instead of “sneak peek.” As I have pointed out to several websites, you probably don’t mean “sneak peak” unless you’re talking about a mountain with ninja training.

A Google search provides over 3 MILLION examples of this error, including ABC News, who should know better. YouTube has over 16,000 videos with this error. Sometimes you can find the error further down the page, even though a similarly worded headline doesn’t have it. That shows me that people are catching it and the posters are fixing it.

So that means I want to mobilize you folks as my faithful troops. If you see this error, make a comment. They’ll fix it, and you’ll feel better about yourself. We can make the world better, one peek at a time.


3 Responses to A sneak peak into “sneak peak.”

  1. beanie says:

    While we are being vigilant about “peak” versus “peek” may I previal upon you to be equally vigilant for the all-too-common use of the word “loosing” when what is meant is “losing”. The former is the act of makig something less tight, the other is the act of coming to be without something or to come out on the non-winning side of a contest.

    Please make a note of it.

    I must go peak in on my 10:30 meeting now.

  2. Kindralas says:

    You misspelled “making.”

  3. Jason says:

    Even better, try not to drive yourself crazy (like I do) every time you see a comma outside of quotation marks (like “this”, I suppose).

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