Me too.

An article on STL Today discusses how the Rams still sting from their last-second loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

To this day, defensive end Leonard Little has never watched the entire game.

“Never will,” Little said. “Because I felt that the best team didn’t win that day. We didn’t win; they won the game. It goes to show that anything can happen on any given day.”

I agree completely. There’s a rematch on Sunday.

One Response to Me too.

  1. Kindralas says:

    Oddly enough, I think I can blame my entire disinterest in football on that one game.

    Now, before people are calling me a whiner, it was that game that proved to me that football games normally come down to one or two big plays, usually as the result of someone making a mistake, not someone making a tremendous play, either through a turnover, or some form of blown coverage, missed tackle, or missed block.

    When I realized the game was simply about not making mistakes, I tuned out. This game was that way. With a line which reads 16/27, 145 yards, and 1 TD, Tom Brady won the MVP not by playing exceptionally well, but by not making mistakes.

    Watching my favorite team while doing nothing but rooting for them not to screw up isn’t my idea of fun. Especially when my particular team has regressed to Tony Banks-era futility.

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