I am a bad citizen.

Leaving a local shopping center, I didn’t notice that someone had put a cart square in the middle of the next otherwise empty space. I backed the car out and swung wide and hit the cart, knocking it over. Thinking little of the incident, I kept going.

As I got to the light to turn onto the thoroughfare, the guy in the car next to me motioned to roll the window down. “Are you going to be a good citizen and pick up that cart?” he asked me, indignantly. “No,” I replied. He scowled in disgust. “I didn’t put it there!” I added.

He pulled away and nothing more was said. I’m sure he had other appointments to declare improper citizenship for other such malcontents as me.

I hate that guy. He made me mad. I hope he doesn’t have a blog, because that means I win.


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