Coming to a parking lot near you.

EXT. PARKING LOT. Mother and small boy walking hand in hand through an empty grocery store parking lot. We see a lone shopping cart. The cart slowly starts rolling, following them.

Two shot on the couple. “Did you hear something?” says Mother to Boy.

Boy looks up, turns around to look at cart. It’s not moving.

Wide shot from behind them as they reach their car. The cart rolls toward them slowly.

INT. CAR. The couple gets in. She turns on the lights in the car. Another cart is right in front of the car now, bright white in the car lights. Mother and Boy both gasp and jump. She relaxes and puts on seat belt. “Go move that cart, Billy.” Boy leaves car.

Wide shot from behind car. Another cart is moving at breakneck speed, like 60 miles per hour. It knocks down the boy. He screams.

Close shot on the boy. He’s terrified. Covered in blood. Mother screams bloody murder.

Still shot of lone shopping cart in the parking lot.


Coming to parking lot near you, this Halloween.

2 Responses to Coming to a parking lot near you.

  1. Boulden says:

    You know what scares me? Those tractor things that couple 50 carts together into one long train.

    The Attack of “THE CARTIPILLAR!!!”

  2. Shocho says:

    I love it! That’s my sequel. Gotta plan ahead, ya know.

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