What is Pepsi thinking?

Here are some pics of new bottles featuring new logos from Pepsi. The logo changes shape depending on which product it’s stuck on. Like it’s fat on regular Pepsi and skinny on Diet Pepsi. I think that’s dumb. It looks like amateur knock-offs that couldn’t get the logo quite right. Besides, that swoosh thing looks like the Coke swoosh. And the bottles look like wrinkly penises. Maybe this is all fake, I dunno.


3 Responses to What is Pepsi thinking?

  1. Doug W says:

    Ok, I’m addicted anyway, so the bottle does not make a difference. But thanks for the visual. Now I am unable to purchase the bottles again.

  2. Timbo says:

    What, it grosses you out sticking that wrinkly penis in your mouth, drinking its fluid…

  3. Boulden says:

    Obama Logo Echos. Weak.

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