Begun, these Megan wars have.

wonderfoxAn enthusiastic fan made up this fake poster showing Megan Fox as Wonder Woman. They seem to be upset with the choice of Megan Gale, Australian supermodel, for the role.

In the Tale of the Tape, Fox is 5’5″ and Gale is 5’10”.  Furthermore, I suspect that Fox is no master thespian, and the jury is out on Gale.

Whilst I have what might be characterized as an unhealthy fascination with Fox, I can say honestly that Gale is a woman about whom I would be willing to begin another unhealthy fascination.

This battle is a win-win for brunette lovers everywhere.



2 Responses to Begun, these Megan wars have.

  1. Enrique says:

    Ther e is no war… Lacey Cabert has already won my vote.

    – E

  2. Enrique says:

    Lacey Chabert.

    – E

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