Downward spiral.

spiralmachineI’ve never been involved with a spiral gravity-fed vending machine on a regular basis, but now that we’re in our new offices in the basement, there’s one right there. This kind of machine has been the butt of many jokes: hanging snacks, users getting their arms stuck, those kinds of things. The beauty of its design is the way it showcases all the snacks at the same time. like the pretty girls on Deal or No Deal. Just pick a number and get one.

The incident pictured is a peculiar dilemma. You can easily see a bag of Snyder’s snacks, something certainly yummy and good. I love their pretzels. I can’t even read what’s in the bag, but I’m sure it’s good.

In front of this bag, however, is a lame-ass bag of Hostess donettes. Not even the chocolate ones.

I immediately craved the Snyder’s. I found myself wondering if it was worthwhile to buy the donettes just to get to the pretzels. I honestly think that if the donettes would have been chocolate-covered, there would have been little hesitation.

The next day, the donettes were gone, and I captured the rare and beautiful honey-wheat pretzels that some idiot at Snyder’s decided to call STICKS. I mean really, they taste good enough to have a better name than that.

Keep your fingers crossed for me; I haven’t had a hanger yet.


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